Magic Bars

Magic Bars

These bars elapse a couple of completely different names, like 7-Layer Bars or greeting Dollies, however I’ve invariably well-known them as Magic Bars.

They are a pure western treat on behalf of me, typically delivered to potlucks to spherical out a shared meal. All the names for identical sweet might sound confusing, however as luck would have it, there’s nothing confusing regarding creating them.
The true magic of those made, sweet Magic Bars is however straightforward they’re to form. There’s no intermixture, no creaming butter with sugar, no adding the eggs one at a time.

Instead, Magic Bars area unit just about assembled from a stowage of stock ingredients, that area unit then besprent and bedded one on prime of consecutive. (Usually there area unit seven completely different ingredients, that explains a minimum of one in all the alternate names!)
Bake within the kitchen appliance till toasty brown and also the bars area unit done

The one essential ingredient within the whole direction is sugary milk. This sticky, gooey, honey-thick milk is what binds all the ingredients along. It conjointly caramelizes within the kitchen appliance, giving a sweet American statepth to every bite like dulce de leche.
Also, make certain you scan the labels and purchase sugary milk, not gaseous milk—the cans look terribly similar.
2 cups (225 g) cracker crumbs
1/2 cup (115 g / one stick) thawed unseasoned butter
14 ounces (396 g / one can) sugary milk
1 cup (185 g) bittersweet chocolate chips
1 cup (185 g) candy chips
1 cup (115 g) shredded pecans
1 cup (105 g) sliced sugary coconut
1 teaspoon flaky ocean salt (like Maldon), optional

1 heat kitchen appliance to 350F. Spray a nine x 13-inch baking pan with oil then line it with parchment paper.
2 build the cracker crust: Place the cracker crumbs and also the thawed butter during a bowl. Toss with a fork till the crumbs area unit damp and hold along once squeezed together with your hand.
Dump the crumbs within the middle of the pan so press them into an excellent layer together with your fingers or the rear of a flat-bottomed cup.

3 Pour the sugary milk over the cracker crust. unfold to edges of the pan with a spatula.
4 Layer on the remainder of the toppings: during this order, sprinkle the chocolate chips, candy chips, pecans, so sugary coconut over the highest of the milk.
Gently press the ingredients down together with your palm in order that they continue the milk.


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