Glazed Baked Ham

Glazed Baked Ham

A big baked ham is one in every of the best things to organize for a vacation celebration. It’s economical, even a half-ham will feed a dozen folks with leftovers, and a full ham generally goes on sale the week before Easter conveyance the per-person price down even a lot of.

The ham is already hard-boiled, all you have got to try to to is heat it to a serving temperature and if you would like, apply a straightforward glaze.
That said, you’ll be able to simply create some mistakes once preparation a ham. If you employ associate already sliced (spiral cut) ham, if you don’t wrap it tightly enough with foil, the outer areas will dry out. you wish to let the ham sit at space temporary worker for a handful of hours before preparation, otherwise the within can still be cool once the surface is correctly heated.
Finally, several package directions notify heat the ham to 140°F. That’s simply posing for a dry ham. Aim for 110°F to 120°F. Remember, the ham is already cooked! you’re simply warming it up.
For this instruction my friend Suzanne and that i baked 2 hams, one with Suzanne’s favorite sweet hot honey mustard glaze, associated one with an intriguing honey thyme glaze from connoisseur magazine.
We used regular non-spiral cut hams, scored them initial in a very diamond pattern, applied a glaze, cooked, basted with glaze, and finished browning within the broiler. each hams clothed superbly.
The two glazes we have a tendency to used ar each honey-based, although you’ll use alternative things for a sweet glaze, fruit crush, marmalade, syrup. does one have a favourite glazed ham glaze? If thus, please allow us to realize it within the comments.

One 0.5 ready-to-eat, cooked ham, bone-in, shank finish or stock, concerning September 11 pounds

3 Tbsp sweet hot honey mustard (or brown mustard with honey)
2 Tbsp refined sugar
About fifty cloves
Honey Thyme Glaze
3 Tbsp liquified butter
2 Tbsp sliced contemporary thyme (or a pair of teaspoons dry)
1/4 cup acetum
1/4 cup honey
1 Tbsp refined sugar
1 teaspoon sauce

1 Let ham compared to space temp: take away the ham from the icebox (still wrapped) a handful of hours before you plan to cook it in order that it will meet up with to temperature.
2 Score skin and fat (if exploitation non-spiral cut): Place ham, fattier facet up, in a very foil-lined preparation pan.
If employing a non-pre-cut ham, score a diamond pattern within the fat with a pointy knife, concerning 1/4-inch to 1/2-inch deep, and therefore the parallel lines concerning one 1/2-inches apart.
Do not score the meat itself, simply the fat and any skin. you’ll be able to score the fat to as deep as wherever the fat meets the meat. If you would like you’ll be able to initial bring to a halt any skin which may still air the ham, however it’s not necessary.
3 Insert cloves (if exploitation): If using cloves (with the Sweet Honey Mustard Glaze), you’ll be able to either place them in before applying the glaze or once. they appear higher if applied once, however it’s easier to check the lines within the ham as a guide for placement if you set them in initial.


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