Cioppino, a fisherman’s fish and shellfish stew from city, is simple to form, and completely delicious with the correct ingredients. it’s Dungeness crab (in season within the winter on the west coast), and typically shrimp, clams and/or mussels, and a few firm white fish like halibut or ocean bass. It’s a Feast of the Seven Fishes, dead one bowl!

The trick is victimization the best quality food. I wouldn’t try this stew unless I had access to terribly soldier and shellfish, as luck would have it lush within the city Bay space. Whole Foods typically carries sensible food, however you ought to perpetually check after they got the item in, ideally the morning of the day you purchase it (ask!).

Asian markets are often an honest supply of recent food still, usually offered at a far lower cost than that of Whole Foods. If your monger has some sensible fish or shellfish stock purchasable still, all the higher.

Note that cioppino is usually served with the shellfish still in their shells, creating for somewhat untidy feeding. It’s lots of fun for a casual gathering. Have many napkins offered and don’t wear white.



three pounds halibut, sea bass, or alternative firm white fish, turn over inch-long cubes
one giant (2 avoirdupois unit or more) overdone Dungeness crab (hard shell)
one pound (or more) of enormous shrimp
a pair of pounds very little neck clams and/or mussels (mussels ought to be clean clean and beards removed right before cooking)


1/2 cup oil
one 1/2 cups sliced onion (1 giant onion)
one cup sliced bell pepper (1 giant bell pepper)
three cloves garlic, minced
one teaspoon salt
one 28-ounce will tomatoes
Broth from the mollusks
a pair of cups wine
a pair of cups juice
a pair of cups fish or shellfish stock
associate degree herb bouquet of herb, parsley, and basil wrapped in an exceedingly layer of veiling and secured with room string
Salt and pepper to style
1/2 cup minced parsley for garnish

1 Steam clams and mussels: Steam mollusks (clams and mussels) in an exceedingly touch of water (about 2 cups) till they merely open. Set aside. Strain and reserve the change of state broth.

2 Prepare the overdone crab: take away the crabmeat from the body and use a nut cracker to crack the shells in order that the meat are often simply removed once it’s served (leave the meat within the shell). Break the body in 0.5, and so cut every 0.5 once more into either halves or thirds. {you will|you’ll|you’ll be able to} choose to keep the crab meat within the body segments and serve it that means (more work for the eater) otherwise you can spot the crab meat from the body segments. If you choose out the crab meat, try and keep it in huge chunks. Keep the highest shell of the crab for creating stock.


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